Summer Fever

LAST weekend we had the pleasure of visiting an AH MAZING farm to go Berry Picking!
So our friend packed us up and drove us for a mini ROAD TRIP!!!! 🙂

We got there and decided to TREAT ourselves! They serve an ice cream that you can literally add whatever berry they have for the day! I had BLUEBERRY and BLACKBERRY and let me tell you it was amazing I decided to grab a second one on the way out! WHAT!!! I DESERVED IT LOL! Picking berries is hard work!
Off we went on the tractor! They let us loose and we went nuts! I will never complain about the price of blueberries again! It is hard work!

The aim of the trip was to harvest our own blueberries to make the perfect scones! It was an AH MAZING experience! We picked up some Mini Jams from the store and they paired perfectly with some vanilla creme and VOILA we are all Spoiled! 😉 😉 😉

The Scones Ready to go!
Patiently waiting for the scone to COOL!
Scones, Berries and Jam!