Hello, everyone welcome to our first EVER BLOG! Super Exciting! Summer is here well kinda LOL! The weather in Toronto has been a little crazy! Which means we have to make the most of the good days we have! WHO is with me? What could be better than an AMAZING BBQ???? We decided to make the first blog all about hosting the BEST BBQ EVER!!!
1) Make a List- Hosting is always a little stressful! HAHHA just ask everyone around me I am not fun when I am planning LOL. I have decided that to help convince people around me that I am easy going I need to get more organized so I stop FREAKING out last minute! Before I go shopping for the BBQ I make a HUGE list! That way I am fast at the store and I can get in and out. This leaves more time to prep the veggies!
2) Make it interactive- The last BBQ we had featured a station that allowed everyone to make their personal MASON JARS! This way everyone had a little keep sake (who doesn’t LOVE a little MASON JAR???????????) It also prevented cups getting mixed up! LOL!
3) Know your guests- I know this sounds silly BUT people may have allergies that you are unaware of. One of our FAV PEEPs is allergic to eggs so we had to get CREATIVE with the coleslaw! It was so DELISH that no one missed the MAYO! 😉
4) Keep the menu simple- I KNOW you want to make EVERYTHING! But its easier to focus on fewer items and have the time to PERFECT those!
5) Chose the perfect location- This is KEY! Make sure to find a spot that is not super CROWDED and has multiple benches for seating. Make sure to clean UP and if possible leave it cleaner than you found it! Have an AMAZING Day! Talk to you soon! 🙂 xoxoxo